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Spray Tanning

Full Body - $65

Legs Only - $45

Add Dry Brushing Exfoliation - This will help extend the results of your tan, and provide smoother, more natural looking results. - $20

Do's & Don't's 

  • Do not come in after the gym.
  • Make sure to wear black under garments to your appointment, or we can provide disposable undergarments for you.
  • If you have time, make sure to exfoliate your entire body and hydrate it 2-3 days before your appointment.
  • If you are unable to exfoliate, we recommend booking a dry brush add on to your service.
  • Ensure hair removal is done 24 hours before appointment.
  • On the day of your appointment, make sure your body is free of moisturizer, deodorant, makeup and perfume.
  • Don’t panic when you rinse off the guide colour & all the colour that goes down the drain – we call that guide colour, your tan will not wash away!
  • Never wear anything too tight after a spray tan, & opt for dark clothing. Once the tan is developed & the guide colour is rinsed, you can show off your tan in the whitest of dresses!
  • Having your tan is a great excuse to get out of your spin class, as you need to ensure you don’t get your tan wet or do any exercise until it has developed, so get yourself on the sofa, catch up on your favourite television show & relax!
  • *Information provided by St. Tropez